Self Esteem boost for sure :)

Did stand up comedy for the 2nd time tonight. Crowd wasn’t as big, still got a lot of laughs though. My 3 best friends were there to support me, I felt so loved. The guy who runs the show Dave says I really have something, he thinks I’m hilarious. He told my friend who’s a waiter at the bar. He said if I keep working on it & tighten up my act he sees me having a career in comedy . Do you know how fuckin incredible that makes me feel? That would be like my dream come true. Definitely going to set aside a lot of time this week working on my act and preparing for next Tuesday.


finally got around to watching the oh so “controversial” taylor swift video and all i have to say is…

are you guys serious? 

what are you doing with your lives? that you think THAT video is having any sort of negative impact on ANYTHING?

jesus. please keep/start worrying about ferguson, or gaza, or ebola goddamn

I love Taylor Swift’s new song & video. Haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate. She’s gonna Shake it off, Shake it off.

fuck fuck fuck fuck I had a dream …it made so much clear to me. it sounds dumb but omg it’s like I finally understand what my friends have been telling me for months. I needed this after being a fucking moron & texting who I shouldn’t have. I get it now. So fuckin done. Games & drama & having to fight for someone constantly is little kid stupid bullshit. I deserve so much better. I’m fixing my life. I’m applying to college & so many good things are starting to happen. I deserve someone who isn’t an attention whore. Someone who is happy solely with my attention. Love is not a game. I will no longer approach it as one. The right person will make me feel important & worthy not like a piece of trash not worth the time of day. I don’t want to get my hopes up but I think I met Brooke at the right time, for all the right reasons. She makes me feel appreciated. We’re just friends but I’m “in like” lol crushing hardcore I guess you could say. I have no expectations I’m just living life & seeing if anything evolves.

I didn’t get lost in you, I fucking drowned.

I wonder if you ever talk about missing me to anyone.

My heart will go on just came on and I sobbed uncontrollably…”love can touch us one time & last for a life time. “