Funny how things change…

I made a mistake I blamed myself for everything YOU did wrong. I’m way over that. I will always love the person I thought you were. Too bad it was all a lie. I am happy for the first time in my life and NOTHING & NO ONE is going to take that away from me. Started going to AA working on 90 meetings in 90 days. Missed day 2 due to weather but I will make up for it by going to 2 meetings in 1 day. Can’t break my stride. I am loving this new sober me!


introduce them as your straight friend

I miss you the most at night. When everything is quiet and the silence reminds me that I’m not sleeping next to you.


Hey, they should do a reverse version of Faking It where a couple of lesbians pretend to be straight so they’re accepted!
They could call it “Real Life”.